Best Android Apps Integrated With Dropbox, Plus Free Hosting Coupons!

5 Brilliant and Free Android Apps with Dropbox Integration

You can still get extra mileage out of your already feature-packed Dropbox account. Third-party mobile apps with Dropbox integration make that possible. Here are five apps you should be looking into to expand Dropbox’s functionality for your Android smartphone or tablet.

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Now, back to the Apps!

These Android apps can all be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.


WinZip (WinZip Computing)


This hugely popular and free file-compression tool can be integrated with your Dropbox account and works beautifully with your Android device. With WinZip for Android, you can encrypt and compress your Dropbox files to save space, as well as unzip them anytime on your other devices. Through the app, you can create .zip and .zipx files and then email them. Opening compressed files on your Android device is also a breeze, regardless of whether the zipped file is an email attachment or a Web page download.


DocuSign (DocuSign)


The free DocuSign app enables you to sign digital documents on your Android smartphone or tablet. Your signature generated through this app is compliant with the eSign Act, so it is legally binding. To create a signature through DocuSign, you can use your finger pad, a stylus, or a scanned image upload of your signature. The document to which you are affixing your digital signature can be imported from and saved to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and Safesforce. DocuSign supports almost all possible file formats, including those from Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, and various image file types.


Smart Voice Recorder (SmartMob)


Designed to detect and skip silent moments, Smart Voice Recorder is most suitable for long-duration audio recording. Do you want record a meeting, snoring and sleeping patterns, as well your kid’s day-to-day whereabouts with the babysitter? Then have this app handy. Smart Voice Recorder can record in the background while the screen display is off. As for the recorded audio file, you can share and send it to your Dropbox account.


SMS Backup & Restore (Ritesh Sahu)


Configure the ad-supported SMS Backup & Restore app to automatically upload text messages in your Android phone to your Dropbox account. Another cloud-uploading option involves Google Drive. The backup that gets created for your uploaded SMS text messages is in XML format. The SMS Backup & Restore app also enables you to specify which SMS conversation thread you want to back up.


Expense Manager (Bishinews)


Expense Manager has a robust set of features and a clean, intuitive user interface. With this app, you can easily keep track of your expenditures by taking pictures of your receipts and logging the amounts. It also enables you to efficiently manage your budget by scheduling recurring payments and offering you a detailed view of your weekly, monthly, and annual budget. Built-in digital tools include a calculator, sales and tax calculator, as well as a currency converter. The data you regularly enter into Expense Manager can be imported and exported as a CSV file. For backup, you can automatically set the data to be uploaded to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Get more out of your Dropbox for your Android smartphone or tablet. These apps’ seamless integration with the popular cloud storage solution ensures that the user experience is never compromised.