Amazon Coupons and The Promise of Amazon Dash.

Amazon Dash Restocks Your Kitchen


Online shopping has revolutionized our approach to purchasing electronics and clothes, but now it has invaded our kitchen pantry.  Amazon launched a barcode scanning device called Dash that serves as a handheld grocery shopping assistant.  The black and white wand-shaped device allows shoppers to scan barcodes of items from the convenience of their own kitchen.  By simply pointing at items in the pantry and refrigerator, Dash adds the item to your shopping list.  Consumers can also add items to their grocery cart using voice activated technology. 

Do Amazon Coupons Still Work?

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Let’s face it: grocery shopping is never as happy as these people make it look…

The big question we keep getting with new devices like Alexa and voice search is: will Amazon coupons still work?

Yes. There are even Amazon Fresh coupon codes you can use for this service in particular. You can use it to save 15% off your first order. And yes, there are some cool new special promo codes that Alexa will automatically apply to your orders.

More on Amazon Dash

Dash quickly recognizes millions of items available on AmazonFresh and 

Amazon Dash is designed to hang on the refrigerator or stay on the countertop, and is so easy to use the whole family can get involved in keeping the house stocked with food.  The Dash wand is currently provided free of charge to customers of Amazon Fresh.  Amazon Dash connects via Bluetooth technology to a smartphone or laptop, and once items are added to the cart, customers can use the Amazon Fresh website or the Amazon Fresh app to check out and schedule delivery.  With over 30 million people in its customer base, Amazon is working on expanding programs within the United States and globally. 

Amazon Dash is a convenient way to shop for groceries online, but that’s not all it can order.  The service offers access to over 500,000 items for the whole family, including household tools, electronics, entertainment, software and games. 

Amazon Dash is only currently available in select states across the United States, including Southern California, San Francisco and certain neighborhoods in Seattle.  The Amazon UK vice president hinted that Amazon Dash would eventually be expanded to provide global service.  Founded in 1994, Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer in the world, focusing on electronic commerce and cloud computing.   Amazon is continually expanding its reach and offering additional services through merchant partnerships.  Amazon’s many services include Amazon Supply (2012), Amazon Fire TV (2014), Amazon Home Services (2015) and Amazon Video Direct (2016).