5 Best Project Management Tools

Project management tools have become a necessity in modern times and it no longer matters whether you are working alone or in a team, these tools will still be required one way or the other.

In this article, we shall take a look at some of the top 5 project management tools but first, it is important to note that most of these tools come with a free trial plan so you can try them out before fully investing your money on it.

#1. Basecamp

This project management tool enjoys the confidence of more than 285 000 companies and with thousands more companies subscribing to it each month, this can only show how popular it is. Many users have applauded it for its ease of use, as is evident right from its clear navigation channels when you try to sign up and load a s sample.

Particularly of interest is the Everything button in the navigation that offers a one-page view of everything. If you wish to take a quick glance of your progress and activity such as files currently being worked on and posted messages, there is the Me scree that allows that. Needless to mention, it has a fair pricing, of just about $20 a month for 10 projects and this also comes with unlimited number of users as well as a 3 GB storage capacity.  Here is an overview of how it works.

#2. Asana

Asana is yet another great project management tool. It comes with a main task list where each task contains an arrow next to it. In order to bring up a new screen, you simply need to click any of these arrows.

Getting started is also fairly easy as you can simply choose to make a new project and select a template for it. A template could either contain a bug hunting lists as well as ideas list and a milestone-based list. In case you do not already have a template for your project, there is also the option of starting with a blank sheet.

One great feature of Asana is that it offers a built-in calendar where you can visually monitor the progress of your tasks or those of the other members of your team, The calendar is supported by Outlook or Google syncing capabilities.

Also, it has an interactive platform where you can “like’’ or “follow’’ a specific project so as to stay updated on it. It comes with a free plan supporting 15 users and then prices begin to rise where 50 users cost $300 per month and a team of 100 members cost $800.

#3. Podio

Podio is a collection of apps where project management happens to be one of the major ones. To begin on Podio, you simply select the projects section and then land on your ongoing projects. There is a project bar assigned to each project and upon clicking a bar, you are introduced to a list of members, tasks, dates and, at times, the designated project owner.

The only drawback to Podio is its rigid navigation system which also happens to be quite slow and confusing to learn. All in all, it is free for up to 5 users, after which any additional user is charged $9 per month.

#4. Sandgalz

Sandgalz may not already have a large user base but that’s precisely because it is a new tool. Be that as it may, it is one of the recommended tools for pure task management. It bears resemblance to Outlook, so using its tasks is more or less similar to managing tasks on Outlook.

Users applaud it more for its ability to prioritize tasks as it contains a Not important section where the less crucial tasks can be relegated as you address what matters most. Also, the tasks can be managed in grids with respective deadlines assigned to each task. The last flexibility it offers is that of enabling you to filter your tasks through features such as @mentions and #hashtags. It may not have a free plan but the cost of $5 per team member per month is quite fair.

#5. Trello

For a price of $5 a month per user, this project management tool offers far more than you can ever imagine. This tool is divided into boards, cards and columns – features that allow flexibility in workflow. The cards are of special interest as they allow you to add a due date to your project as well as apply you desired colored labels and attach various files. They also allows you to comment as you try to communicate with your fellow subscribers, as well as add checklists for the subtasks you are working on.

Now, this is what might give it an edge over other project management tools – that Trello offers apps for Windows, iOS and Android, which means it is one of the most ideal tools to use on your tablet or phone.