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Amazon Coupons and The Promise of Amazon Dash.

Amazon Dash Restocks Your Kitchen

  Online shopping has revolutionized our approach to purchasing electronics and clothes, but now it has invaded our kitchen pantry.  Amazon launched a barcode scanning device called Dash that serves as a handheld grocery shopping assistant.  The black and white wand-shaped device allows shoppers to scan barcodes of items from the convenience of their own kitchen.  By simply pointing at items in the pantry and refrigerator, Dash adds the item to your shopping list.  Consumers can also add items to their grocery cart using voice activated technology. 

Do Amazon Coupons Still Work?

Let’s face it: grocery shopping is never as happy as these people make it look… The big question we keep getting with new devices like Alexa and voice search is: will Amazon coupons still work? Yes. There are even Amazon Fresh coupon codes you can use for this service in particular. You can use it to save 15% off your first order. And yes, there are some cool new special promo codes that Alexa will automatically apply to your…
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Best Android Apps Integrated With Dropbox, Plus Free Hosting Coupons!

5 Brilliant and Free Android Apps with Dropbox Integration

You can still get extra mileage out of your already feature-packed Dropbox account. Third-party mobile apps with Dropbox integration make that possible. Here are five apps you should be looking into to expand Dropbox’s functionality for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Web Hosting Coupon For App Developers:

If you’re an app developer, then you may be interested in the cool cloud hosting options we are about to offer you. How about free godaddy coupons? We have some free promo codes that we’re dying to hand out. Here is one: cjc1off30. This’ll save you 30% off any new product you get, so you can supercharge your app’s hosting power. Here’s what you do: select the right hosting plan from GoDaddy’s website, and then enter the godaddy hosting discount code at checkout. If the one we give out isn’t working for you, then check out this godaddy hosting promo code resource. Now, back to the Apps! These Android apps can all be downloaded for free from the Google
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Viable Alternatives to AWS: How Coupon Code Websites Can Help

Going by usage statistics, Amazon’s AWS is the most popular platform in the world for virtualizing business IT infrastructure. Customers love it for its ability to scale up to potentially millions of users, the ability to customize every aspect to your liking and the security and reliability of the industry’s biggest name. Still, it’s not a perfect platform. Among the knocks against it are that it’s tough to come to grips with if you’re not technically inclined and don’t have an IT staff doing everything for you, and AWS tech support operates on a sliding scale and can get very expensive with heavy use.

Coupon Websites Can Help:

Coupon sites like VPS coupons can help mitigate the overall cost of AWS, but it’s an at-best temporary solution. AWS has grown to over a million customers, including heavy hitters like Netflix and Samsung, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be right for your specific business needs. If you feel like AWS just isn’t quite the right fit for you, here’s six of the best…
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Free GoDaddy Promo Codes and 5 Brilliant Devices That Will Change Your Kitchen

An Added Bonus: Free Coupon Codes For You!

Are you looking to save money on your personal website, blog, or business website? Web Hosting Coupon Codes offers amazing deals with GoDaddy and other hosting providers for web hosting, email, domain names, and more! Coupons, limited time offers, and new client pricing.   The Internet of Things, the network of object and devices connected with each other, is considered to be the next big wave of the internet. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, cameras, and Wi-Fi connectivity, everyday devices such as coffee machines, ovens, and light bulbs are becoming smarter, more efficient, and more independent. Some of the most amazing IoT devices that are being developed are kitchen appliances, and they have to potential to completely transform your cooking experience.

1. Somabar Cocktail Maker

Somabar is a robotic appliance that can prepare cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect drink in seconds. Somabar contains six Soma pods, three on each side of the appliance, that are used to keep the ingredients for your drinks fresh.…
5 Best Project Management Tools

5 Best Project Management Tools

Project management tools have become a necessity in modern times and it no longer matters whether you are working alone or in a team, these tools will still be required one way or the other. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the top 5 project management tools but first, it is important to note that most of these tools come with a free trial plan so you can try them out before fully investing your money on it.

#1. Basecamp

This project management tool enjoys the confidence of more than 285 000 companies and with thousands more companies subscribing to it each month, this can only show how popular it is. Many users have applauded it for its ease of use, as is evident right from its clear navigation channels when you try to sign up and load a s sample. Particularly of interest is the Everything button in the navigation that offers a one-page view of everything. If you wish to take a quick glance of your progress and…
Machine Learning and How it Will Affect Your Business

Machine Learning and How it Will Affect Your Business

Ever want to make running your business easier? Not qualified to program your computer to meet your ever changing needs? Well there is help out there through machine learning programs.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is where computers act without explicit programming. This technology is being used in the self-driving cars being manufactured today. Computers analyze gathered data and make decisions, predictions and produce the best results. Computers use algorithms to gain this new data and help it make these reliable decisions and produce the best results. In other words the computers learn as they go.

This Is Not New Technology

Machine learning has been around for almost 60 years beginning in 1959. Over the years scientists have been fine tuning the process resulting in the prototype self driving cars and other computer driven machines. This work has also focused on producing artificial intelligence robots which can be programmed to help in the home or office. The AI gathers new data and its operation adjusts its actions to meet the corresponding demands of its…